Whit the title of classiest omlette of all, we introduce you the SAPORITA! 

It’s composed by:

  • Basic ingredientes (see below*);
  •  Black pork sausage from Caserta;
  • Potatoes from Avezzano;
  • Provola (buffalo’s or cow’s milk cheese) from Agerola;
  • Golden onion.

This is the most classic pasta omelette of all. In addition to the traditional compound, potatoes and onions are added, humble foods, which, however, contain the unique flavor of dishes of the past.

Formato: 14 cm.

*Basic Ingredientes:

  • Gragnano pasta;
  • Eggs;
  • Parmesan cheese;
  • Pecorino romano (ewe’s milk cheese).

GLUTEN FREE Available.