ingredienti vermicelli di gragnano

The production of the pasta from Gragnano dates back to the end of the 16th century. The product is made of durum-wheat semolina dough, mixed with the water coming from the local acquifer. Gragnano is the ideal place for the production of pasta thanks to its rich soils and its peculiar microclimate, made by the right balance of wind, sun and humidity.
Vermicelli (thin spaghetti) with a bigger diameter than ordinary spaghetti are also available with the soya dough.

The eggs are produced by exlcuding from each step of the production cycle the use of synthesis chemical compounds and respecting the health and the wellbeing of the animals thanks to accurate breeding techniques.
The eggs are laid by hens breeded in the open air and eating vegetable, thus assuring a higher input of vitamin E  and vitamin A, plus omega 3, they are richer in beta-carotene and have less cholesterol.


The classic and high-quality Italian cheese, well-known and appreciated all over the world thanks to its incomparable peculiarities, boosts very ancient origins, already exalted by Columella, Varrone and Marziale at the Roman time until the Middle Ages  in the 12th century.
Today the master dairymen, as in ancient times, keep on home-producing this cheese with local high-quality milk, natural rennet, salt and no additives.

ingredienti pecorino romano

Italian cheese with protected denomination of origin, pecorino romano (ewe’s milk cheese) is one of the dairy products with a hard and cooked dough exclusively made with ewe’s whole fresh milk.
It undergoes a raw process or a process of thermization, then it is dry salted or brined and seasoned for at least 5 months.

ingredienti provola di agerola

The provola (buffalo’s or cow’s milk cheese) from Agerola is made with the raw milk of the Lattari Mounts, from high-quality cows from Agerola.
The acidification process, during which the curd becomes rich in the yeasts necessary to develop the taste of the final product, is quite natural and lasts 12 hours. The curd is then stretched at midnight. 

ingredienti pomodorini del Piennolo del Vesuvio

The “PDO tomatoes from Piennolo del Vesuvio” is one of the most ancient and typical products of the agriculture of Campania and it is even represented in the traditional Nativity scene. Exclusively grown on the acquifers of the Vesuvio, it has without any doubts ancient and well-documented roots and is characterised by a long and oval shape as well as a unique and delicious taste.

ingredienti salsiccia di maiale nero casertano

The pork race from Caserta is the most important autochtonus pork stock of South Italy, a very ancient pork race of the TGAA “Ancient Autochtonus Type”. 

It is a country animal, breeded in the half-wild state in the woods of the Caserta and the Sannio Beneventano area; it mainly eats acorns, chestnuts, walnuts and wild fruits, natural food which gives its soft and particularly tasty flesh ancient wild tastes and fragrances.

ingredienti funghi porcini di Roccamonfina

These mushrooms grow in the warm broad-leaved woods of the Regional Park of Roccamonfina, in the province of Caserta. A very favourable environment for the growth of such authentic and genuine boletus mushrooms, characterised by a particular and exclusive taste, also thanks to the volcanic nature of the soil. 

The boletus mushrooms from Roccamorfina are characterised by a dark brown cap and a light brown stipe. Their flesh is white and firm and they have a delicate but at the same time intense taste, making us recongnise all the fragrances of the underwood.


The North-Eastern part of the province of Avellino and, in particular the Ufita Valley, is especially suitable for garlic cultivation. The soil characteristics and the selected ecotypes allow us to obtain a product which is characterised by a high content of essential oils and active principles as well as a very aromatic taste, hence the name “garlic from Ufita”.

ingredienti pesto fatto in casa

This typical Ligurian sauce made with basil, garlic, pine nuts, pecorino (ewe’s milk cheese), Parmesan cheese and extra-virgin olive oil, is loved by everyone throughout Italy and abroad. The best version is always the mummy’s and granny’s one, made with mortars and very fresh ingredients.

ingredienti speck igp
A special product among the South Tyrolean salami, it is a completely boneless raw ham, slightly smoked and protected by the European Union with the PGI denomination. The speck from Alto Adige is produced from the union of two methods used for meat preservation: open-air seasoning, usually used in the Mediterranean area for ham, and smoking, typical of Northern Europe. Unique in its production and taste, produced according to the traditional rule “a little salt, a little smoke and much air”.

ingredienti limone di sorrento igp
The quality characteristics of the PGI “Lemon from Sorrento” are the result of particular production techniques, which are still linked to the plant cultivation under the famous “pagliarelle”, straw mats which, by covering the crowns of the trees, repair them from cold temperatures and wind and delay the ripening of their fruits.
Its dimensions are medium-large, its shape is elliptical and its flesh has a pale yellow colour; this lemon is characterised by high acidity and richness in vitamin C and mineral salts. Its peel, showing a citrine colour, has a medium thickness and an intense fragrance thanks to the great amount of essential oils.

ingredienti salame napoletano

The salami named “Napoli” is a high-quality salami for which only pieces of meat coming from shoulder ham, leg ham, shoulder-neck ham and loin ham are used, peeled by removing the covering fat, the soft fatty tissue and the connective parts of greater dimensions. The used fat is made of the covering hard fat and the bacon fat and does not exceed 25% of the whole product. Its processing is still carried out according to traditional methods, as well as the drying and seasoning made inside well-ventilaed rooms for not less than 30 days.

ingredienti olive nere di gaeta
The Itrana olive, better known as black olive from Gaeta, has an intense, fruity, slightly bitter and spicy taste thanks to the long seasoning (around 8 months) in water and salt, according to the ancient and traditional processing method called “natural” method.

ingredienti ricotta di montella
Salted and dried, the ricotta cheese from Montella, famous throghout Italy for its quality and its particular taste, comes from the buttermilk of ewe’s milk, which is considered more precious than the one of cow’s milk as it contains less water and more proteins .